Nowadays, nowhere is safe. Crime rates over the years have been dramatically increasing according to the study of intelligence agencies of different countries. These index crimes include violent crime such as murder and non-negligent manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. You can always take precautions, but you can never know when you will meet the danger. Whether you’re on the streets or even at the comforts of your own home, it is best that we know what to do in case we go in harm’s way.


An attack for this part produces tons of pain. Being a form of sight, you can surely evade your perpetrator if you get to hit both eyes as he can get disoriented. You can try to either poke or scratch the eyes with your fingers or knuckles. Don’t hesitate and think that he might get blind. That is the point of all this.


If the perpetrator is up close, use the heel of your palm to strike his nose upwards. Make sure to use the whole weight of your body in doing this to make sure that the force is greater. If the perpetrator is grappling you from behind, strike him in the nose with your elbow. In both instances, aim for the nasal bone.


This is one of the best places to hit when you’re up close as this is where the jugular vein and carotid artery is located (veins carrying blood to and from the head and face). Hitting this would leave the perpetrator stunned as this move can most probably deprive his head of blood. It’s best you hit him with a “knife hand strike” wherein your fingers all straighten out and tightened up, with your thumb slightly bent to the knuckle. One blow with this, you can surely evade your perpetrator.


The center of the torso is one of the easiest (especially when you’re attacking someone taller) to attack wherein you could be successful. Aim right above the stomach and under the ribs. You can either blow him with a punch or your elbow, leaving him gasping for air. Again, make sure you hit hard so you could have enough time to evade the perpetrator.


A kick in the nuts is the best way to go. So it’s best you grab that opportunity immediately when you have it. A hard kick would leave him breathless (yes, this is true), enough window time for you to evade your perpetrator.


All of the parts mentioned earlier make use of your hands. The knee or legs are the safest parts wherein you could use your legs as it is harder to grab because it won’t be within arms’ reach. Just give you perpetrator a good kick in the shin and he could easily be incapacitated.

You don’t need to be a black-belter in any martial arts to master these things. Let’s all hope not, but in case you are already in this kind of situations, we must stay alert, remain calm, and keep our focus and keep these tips in mind so we can do our best to evade these perpetrators. Protection Status