Home Alone is such a classic holiday family movie about a lovable kid, Kevin McCallister, who was accidentally left alone at home (or lost in the case of the 2nd movie). However, upon watching it again as an adult, you may realize just how psychopathic Kevin is. That and just how durable the thieving duo of Harry and Marv are for surviving the dangerous pranks Kevin set up.

Granted, not all of his pranks were harmful and some were just humiliating. An example of this would be the chicken feathers that covered Harry in Home Alone 1 and the blow-up clown in the shower in Home Alone 2. But the majority of his intricate traps were so dangerous it seems like he truly meant to kill.

Kevin may look adorable and as the movie’s protagonist, the one you should be rooting for. But it’s undeniable just how dangerous this little kid truly is. Don’t believe me? Take these 10 deadly traps by Kevin that Harry and Marv should not have walked away from:

1. Bricks to the Face

Bricks averages on 3.5kg per item which can be lethal when used in a single strategic blow. Even in proximity, it could cause instant death. So, Marv getting hit right on the head 3 times with a brick thrown off a 4-story building is certainly impossible. If it didn’t cause his skull to cave into his brain, it would have at least put him in a comatose state.

2. No-Floor Floor

To greet the intruders to his fort, Kevin removed the makeshift floor of wooden planks to create a massive hole leading right to the basement. Marv, the ever-careless criminal, bursts right in and falls for the trap, landing face first on the concrete basement floor. He blacks out for a minute but immediately wakes up to take more beating. What would have happened in real life though is he would have gotten a concussion and broken his knees or ribs from the fall.


If falling from a great height is not enough to bruise your entire body to a bloody pulp, having a shelf of tin cans full of paint ought to do the trick. For this incredibly painful prank, Marv is once again the receiver. Kevin traps him by covering the floor in green slippery jelly goo caused him to hit the shelf.


The average weight of a single cement bag is 50kg. Now, imagine that falling from a height of at least 24 feet or 2 stories up. The combination of the cement’s weight and height of origin could generate enough force to literally squash a man’s skull or at least break his neck. Either way, there’s no chance at all that the target would be able to survive let alone keep getting hit as Marv did in the movie.


A recreation of his prank from the first movie, Kevin sets up paint buckets at the staircase and added a bonus round, a large metal pipe which strikes the unsuspecting criminals on the chest. The impact alone should have knocked the breath right out of them and crushed their guts. But then it causes them to fall back first on the basement floor. If it were anyone else, no one would be standing up after that due to a broken spine.

6. rope of fire

When Kevin set up the rope Harry and Marv were climbing down from, the two let go and fell from the 3rd floor which is approximately 36 ft above ground. An adult human can survive that but not without serious injuries such as bruised organs and broken bones. Harry and Marv should have been paralyzed after that.

7. gas on the toilet

Kevin seems to have a habit of setting Harry on fire. He set his hat on hire in the first movie and then again in the 2nd. The difference is that the trap was taken to another level. Harry, desperate to put out the fire, dunks his entire head on the toilet. Unbeknownst to him, Kevin dumped a bottle of gas in it. This creates an explosion which Harry, of course, walks out of. But if it were real, Harry would have been covered in third-degree burns, maybe even burned his eyes and lungs after inhaling the fire.

8. Electric Faucet

While every individual body has varied resistance to electric currents before sustaining damage, we can all agree that the level Marv was exposed to was beyond lethal. It was so bad that, even for comedic purposes, his skeleton was briefly visible. It’s really a miracle none of them died.

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