Home Theatre Upgrades


Optimize Your Room

Location is everything when setting up your home theatre. You can have the highest graded equipment but still not achieve the ultimate home viewing experience because of where you set it up.

First, you have to take into consideration the windows and natural light available in the room. Invest in dark shades or blinds to avoid light reflecting on your screen or getting into your eyes if the television set is against a wall with windows.

The materials of the room may also affect the quality of the sound. Movie theatres have carpeted floors for a reason since it helps decrease the reverb produced by the sound system. So if you have tiled or hardwood floors, consider placing a carpet in front of the speakers.

See the Screen, Be the Screen

Plan the placing of your television set. Consider the foot traffic, the entrances and exits. You would not want people to keep on passing by the screen as you’re watching a movie so make a plan.

Also consider the distance and height of where you place it.

If your seat is too far or too close, you not get to enjoy or see well the screen. You can even damage your eyes. Mount it too high or too low and you’d likely be tilting your head throughout the movie and be uncomfortable. That takes away the point of a home theatre.

So experiment first with the placing of your screen before finally installing it. Try out the distance to find the one you are most comfortable with and make sure that the height is complimentary to the couch level.

Find the Acoustic Sweet Spot

If the room you are setting up your home theatre in is small, you may no longer need a speaker surround system. But if you do decide to install one, make sure you do not place them inside cabinets to avoid muffled sounds or on the floor to avoid reverbs.

Experiment with the placing too to find the right spots. And even the most basic speaker set can become a surround system with excellent placing.

Up the Power

With great equipment comes more power plug and cables. So place your set up near outlets. Invest in extension cords and extra cables just to be sure. Avoid octopus connections or multiple plugs-on-plugs with extension cords. Those are extremely dangerous fire hazards and may even burn up your equipment. It would also be wise to get outlet protectors for added security.

Choose Your Gear Wisely

Determine what you need and want in your home theatre. Research and set a budget to avoid overspending. Look up on alternatives which may be more cost effective and energy efficient. Or simply upgrade on your existing equipment.

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Set your standards. Be smart.

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