What to look for
when buying a security camera
or CCTV (closed-circuit television) camera

When people think of a break in, they think of someone gaining entry into their home by breaking glass or smashing down doors.Most home break-ins are done by burglars who spot an open window, a faulty lock or a house that looks like no one’s going to be around for a while. In actuality, one third of all burglaries are classified as “no- force entries” because the burglars simply walked in through an unlocked door or climbed through an open window.

Protecting your home is never easy but with the help of a security camera you can guard your home with ease. But what do you actually look for when buying a security camera or CCTV (closed-circuit television) camera? Is it the price? The brand name? Or the number of reviews online? Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you are buying the right security camera for your home:

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1. Right Lens

What to look for when buying a security camera - Lenses
Everything the viewer sees comes through the lens. It determines the distance and how a face can be recognized because the lens controls focus. In many cases, a better lens is more helpful than a higher output resolution. Go for optical zoom over digital zoom. As digital zoom provides no more information than was in the original image. Optical zoom on the other hand, can actually add new information as it changes which light reaches the sensor.

2. Perfect Sensors

CMOS Sensor and CCD Sensor
There are two things to look for when checking the sensor specifications of a security camera: the sensor type and the sensor size. Most CCTV sensors are either CMOS or CCD. CMOS is less expensive but it is also less sensitive and does not produce clear images, which can fail you when you’re trying to identify something. CMOS-based sensors require more signal processing as well to produce clear images. The other important factor is the sensor size. The larger the sensor the better as it process more light thus giving you a higher quality image.

3. Better Resolution

Camera resolution
One very common specification for security cameras is the number of horizontal lines of TV resolution it can output, or its TVL. This can range anywhere up to 700TVL, with many cameras coming in between 380TVL and 540TVL. Some experts recommend 420TVL as a minimum.

4. Getting a home security camera system

wireless security camera reviews
Anything could be happening at home when you’re not there! But when you own a CCTV camera, you can monitor everything! You don’t have to be a victim of burglary. While burglary is one of the most frequently committed crimes, it’s preventable. A CCTV camera lets you keep an eye on everything happening in your home. And you can listen too, and hear everything! It even works at night and will make clear videos in the dark with the special IR function. Securewatch365 is the ultimate home security camera. It connects to your Wi-Fi and is always watching everything in your home or office. You can see what’s going on anywhere in the world!

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What you get

“A security camera that doesn’t sleep unlike other security cameras that rely on batteries and can turn on only when they sense motion.”



Listen and hear everything. Know what people are talking about you. Simply download the free app, and you’re done! No confusing codes or anything to learn. You’ll hear everything that’s happening in your home or office!


Keep an eye on everything happening in your home. Watch the babysitter or see the people you love on your mobile phone. It even works at night and will make clear videos in the dark with the special IR function

Still not convinced? Here is another one:


An emergency can happen even if you’re in the next room! Securewatch365 has a full duplex voice feature. That means you can have natural conversations with anyone! Talk to your kids when you’re not there.


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