Movie Night Ideas

Are you tired of the normal routine of a lengthy battle for picking a movie only to end up watching one you’ve already seen? Overwhelmed by the options or underwhelmed by the lack of it? Or do you just want to throw a memorable movie night?

Here are some great tips for you!


Pick On Random

Deciding a movie on your own is hard enough. Add more people with different interests and the task becomes almost impossible. So to make things fair and even more fun, place your bets in a jar then pick on random. That way you can split the chances and cut time off decision-making.

Alphabetize Your Choices

There are a lot of great movies to choose from and you may be tempted to watch some over and over again which may stop you from enjoying even more new movies. Or old ones. So don’t stick to your usual picks. Try choosing a movie by alphabetical order and match your snacks to the first letter. Challenge yourself.

Set a Theme

Step out of your comfort zone by trying out different genres. If you’re planning to watch with someone else, alternate with picking genres and movies. That way you can get to see those you normally wouldn’t. Who knows, you may even find your new favorite. Explore every option.

Movie Bingo

Some people like a serious movie night. Some make it a party. And nothing makes a party more interesting than games. So make a game out of watching a movie, a bingo movie. Fill it up with your predictions, expectations, or the stereotypes you think you’ll see. Compete with your family and friends to see who can guess the most elements in the movie. Engage.

Go Outside

A good and comfortable venue is another top priority. But if you find watching a movie in the living room or bedroom too boring then take it outside. Hook up your laptop or screen to a projector. Throw some blankets and pillows on the grass. Set up a small picnic for snacks. Instant outside movie experience.

Broaden your options

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