A high-quality security camera that’s compact and easy to install. Made with light sensitive digital lens and a dual audio system. You can record High-Definition videos, clean audio, and communicate through SecureWatch365 naturally as if you were in the same room with people on the other end. Not only that, SecureWatch365 has intelligent motion sensors which, when triggered, sends out an alarm. Provides real-time feed and active security. You can watch over your home, your pet, and family members wherever you are.


Equipped with a USD card reader and automatically includes a USD card with an 8GB memory storage. If you want to view the footage, just take out the mini USD card and plug it to your phone, tablet. A card reader will be necessary for laptops and computers


You can place SecureWatch365 wherever within range of an internet connection. Use it discreetly or visibly to deter criminals. Optimum places for installment are near doors, windows, stairs and anywhere people are guaranteed to pass by.


There are three light indicators on SecureWatch365. One for the Mic status, WiFi connection, and Power source. They change color depending on status. The meanings are listed on the manual, but the general rule of thumb is to make sure that they are all in green.


Using the cable, plug SecureWatch365 to a power source. Scan the QR code located at the back of the camera using your smartphone or tablet. It will immediately send you the link on where to download the app. Available at the Apple and Play store. Create an account and verify on email. Then enable Bluetooth and pair up with the camera. The name will be indicated on the camera, but you may change it after installment. Push the Wi-Fi shaped button on the camera and connect it to the router. An internet connection is required to get real-time feed and notifications on the app.



SecureWatch365 is built with a digital lens that captures footage with a 720p resolution at 30fps. It’s also light sensitive with night vision capability. You can get crystal clear recording 24/7 even when there’s no visible light.


You can listen and hear everything with SecureWatch365. It has a two-way audio system complete with a microphone and speaker. You can warn your family members and scare intruders away. Use it to keep an eye on everything happening in your home and communicate with the people on the other end as if you are in the same room.


SecureWatch365 providers active security with its intelligent motion sensors. When triggered, the camera immediately gives out an alarm and sends a notification through app. Gives you the opportunity to not only record but also respond to incidents in real time.



Overall, SecureWatch365 is a great camera that captures very clear video and audio footage. The motion sensors are automatically armed and sends out an alarm when suspicious behavior is detected. You may modify the sensitivity through the app to prevent false alarm. Installment is easy too. However, the power cable is too short, and an adaptor is not included. You will need to provide an extension cord as well if you want to place it high above ground.

Recommendations: SecureWatch365 is a fixed type camera. When you install it, make sure to point at entryways or exits. Second, 8GB is not enough storage to get 24 hours’ worth of footage. Invest in getting a 32GB or 64GB USD card. Third, always check your internet speed. The render quality of real-time feed is dependent on it. Don’t worry about the stored footage though because it doesn’t require an internet connection.


SecureWatch365 Review 1

Bo William

SecureWatch365 is the best security camera I tried and is the only I trust. It gives me a peace of mind that I can keep track of whatever is happening at my house even though I’m far away. The picture quality is really amazing. I’m so impressed that I ordered 3 more units to cover more spots in the house.

SecureWatch365 Review 2

Miranda Cruz

This is the best CCTV camera I tried, and I’ve tried a lot. I love living on my own, but I admit it does get pretty scary especially at night which is why I was looking to get a camera to protect my home. This is the only one that worked great for me. Really helped me a lot.

SecureWatch365 Review 3


I really like SecureWatch365 because it’s very portable and the pap is easy to navigate through. I did notice that the real-time feed audio had a bit of an echo but overall the recording was high-quality. Very happy with my purchase.

SecureWatch365 Review 4


Pros about SecureWatch365 is that it’s easy to install, the camera is small enough to be hidden for secret surveillance, has live video feed, sends out app notifications, and offers a communication system (personally use it to freak out the wife and kids though). The cons are the storage is small too and there’s no adaptor. I give it an 8 out of 1. Would have given it 10 out of 10 but there’s no adaptor.

SecureWatch365 Review 5

Kathy York

If you want an inexpensive but extremely effective security camera then I highly recommend SecureWatch365. It’s got great video quality and an active alarm system. It worked flawlessly for me and set up was a breeze. Much more convenient than most modern cameras because it’s not complicated. Also, very affordable.

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