WHAT Is spark procam?

Surveillance cameras have been with us for years. They have revolutionized the way we observe, secure, and protect our homes. Thanks to such cameras, we can go on with our day to day tasks and still feel safe and secure. Just when you thought that surveillance cameras could not get any better, there is now a new and high-tech device that will change the game forever. Spark Security has just recently released a camera that disguises itself as a USB Adaptor. The Spark ProCam is a Full High Definition 1080p USB Security Camera. It is the perfect security monitoring camera that lets you observe everything without being detected. With Spark ProCam, you can see someone who broke into your house, watch your kids from afar, observe what goes on inside your homes and offices, and so much more. Security monitoring has never been this simple and easy, thanks to the new Spark ProCam.

no batteries needed

The Spark ProCam does not require any batteries for it to operate. With this camera, you do not need to worry about changing or charging any batteries. Just plug it in a power socket and you are good to go.

serves as a wall adaptor

Since the Spark ProCam is disguised as a USB Power Adaptor, it is also designed to serve as one! Besides recording footage, you can also use it to charge any USB Device.

compact and discreet

One of the very unique features of this camera is its size. It is tiny and people will less likely think of it as a surveillance camera. It is easy to bring anywhere and be used anytime.

HOW TO INSTALL spark procam

The Spark ProCam is a very easy and simple device. It features a non-complicated installation process with few steps. Since the camera does not require any batteries, it works by simply plugging it in a power socket. It instantaneously records as you plug it in, and stops when you plug it out. Simple as that!


HIGh quality features

The Spark ProCam is a new spin on traditional surveillance cameras. Even though it is a tiny device, its inventors did not shortchange you with its features. The Spark ProCam is built with a Full High Definition 1080p Camera that can record footage with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 30 frames per second. It can also serve as a USB Power Adaptor so you can charge any USB Powered Device with this dual functioning security monitoring camera.

excellent videos & clear sound

There are a lot of cameras available on the market that do not live up to the standards of High Definition. Besides that, the audio that comes along with may also be inaudible or glitchy. Spark ProCam is guaranteed to give you both high definition videos and clear sound. You can expect to see and hear clear audio and video of everything that happens in your homes, thanks to Spark ProCam.


The traditional security monitoring cameras are designed the same way since before. They are installed in a high place where it can be easily seen. Everyone knows it is there and that it records their actions. The Spark ProCam differs by disguising itself as a mere USB Adaptor. So People would not suspect it to record their every move. The Spark ProCam is a genius device that will change how we can observe and secure our homes in the simplest way possible.



The Spark ProCam is a new design and spin on the surveillance cameras that we are used to. It is designed to look like a USB Power Adaptor. It is designed to look that way so that people would not suspect that it is a security monitoring camera. It is a full high definition 1080p security camera capable of recording videos at 1920 x 1080 resolution. It is also equipped with a powerful microphone capable of recording audible and clear audio. Anything in the line of sight of the Spark ProCam gets instantly recorded. So you can go along your day to day tasks and still feel secure knowing that you can see everything that happened in your homes.

Besides acting as a security camera, the Spark ProCam can also be used as a USB Power Adaptor. You can charge any USB Powered device and still record videos at the same time.

The Spark ProCam requires no batteries. To use it, simply plug it in a power socket and you are good to go. No need to worry yourself about charging or changing the batteries of this genius device.

Spark ProCam has changed the way we observe, secure, and protect our homes. It is undetectable surveillance that comes in a tiny and compact device.


I am always wondering what happens in my home when I go to work. I live alone in my apartment. I ordered 2 cameras and I am really liking it. I got to see what happens in my apartment when I am gone. There are times when people would peek inside my home for no reason. There are also times when I would see my landlady knocking on my door. I got to ask her afterwards what was the reason for her visit.

May Jones

I ordered one for each of my kids’ rooms. They do not know that I can watch what they are doing before going to bed. Hahahaha! I feel like a spy to my kids.

Orly Kang

At first I did not really believe that this thing would work. But I was really surprised when my friend showed it to me. As soon as I saw it work, I immediately ordered one. I installed it on my living room just to test it out. I really could see what goes on in my house. I could see who did this and who left this. It is amazing!

Jackie Reed

I am the supervisor at the office and it is quite difficult for me to check on the actions of my subordinates. I always had this feeling that when I am not around, they would neglect work duties and do some other things. I installed 4 of these in the office. The first day of using this was not a disappointment. I could totally see them playing online games. I will continue to use it so I can reprimand them and remind them of the works that needs to be done.

Art Smith

I am loving this security camera! Such a little device but it works wonders! Clear videos! I can also hear myself very clearly!


I use the Spark ProCam to watch my kids when I am at work. I hire a nanny and yet I still feel unsafe to leave my kids to someone. I can monitor them and give my nanny some points on how I want my kids to be cared for.

Max Brown

I just bought one Spark ProCam and The first week that I have been using it was fun! I will probably get a few more! The camera records high quality videos!


There has always been a strange incident in my garage where my trash would always get ripped and torn apart. I installed one Spark ProCam in my garage. I found out that there are racoons that have been snooping in my trash everytime I take it out.


I bought one of these just for fun. I never really thought that I could use it for my vlogs! It is so fun to use!

Vera Song

As a parent, I want my kids to live in a safe and secure home. That is why I bought this camera. With this, we feel much safer knowing that we can observe what goes on in our homes.

Wade Chandler

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