Tips For A Safer Home

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Being burgled is horrible. To know that some stranger violated your home, stole your valuables, and maybe even put your family at risk is enough to drive someone crazy. And even though home insurance can compensate for some of the losses and damages, the feeling that your home has been compromised may never go away. So, work on the prevention. Here are 8 easy ways help to secure your home.

1) Lock doors and windows

Pretty basic. Lock down doors and windows even if you’re at home. Don’t forget to lock windows in the upper floors either. Burglars may climb over and access them.

2) Cover up

Get curtains and shades. Burglars study their targets. Making your house’s entire interior very visible helps them study the layout, know the valuables they can take, and plan their escape.

3) Manage your lawn

Plant trees and bushes away from your door. Regularly trim bushes and mow the grass as well. Not only is an unkempt lawn unsightly, but they may provide hiding places for burglars to jump out from when you open your door.

4) Keep doorstep clean

Always remove flyers and newspapers. And if you’re going on a long trip, have your newspaper and mail delivery put on hold. Items piling up on your doorstep is yet another way for burglars to know that the house is empty and therefore, available.

5) Don’t broadcast your trips

Refrain from immediately posting online that you’re away or out of the house. It’s better to post once you get back. That way, you won’t be advertising that your house is ripe for the taking.

6) Dispose garbage properly

Burglars can go through garbage bins to know more about their target and even steal their identities. So shred papers and documents, especially those that contain personal information. Also, fold boxes or containers. Displaying them is also advertising the contents of your home.

7) Store tools properly

Don’t leave your tools and ladders lying around the house, especially not outside the house. They can be used to access windows, break door locks, and even weapons.

8) Install a security camera

Invest in security cameras for your home. Mount them in a place which would give the widest view. Go for units which you can privately access online with an audio recording feature. This would not only deter burglars but would also provide evidence if a crime were to occur. Protection Status